Hey there!
I am so excited you are looking at what I do. Honestly, it is the teacher in me I think that sets me apart from my colleagues. You know- the ability to wrangle the chaos and make the memories happen. I am not sure how many mother's of the bride I have pushed into the dance circle at the reception :) or how many wedding parties I have yelled STOP TALKING NOW! to ;)

Organization. Leadership. Talent.


That is who I would want to photograph my event, so that is who I strive to be for you.
Open. Honest.
On a more personal note, I am a mother to two little boys. Our family lives in Highland, and we just adore living here. My hobbies include traveling and finding restaurants with patios.

Julie Knebel

Highland, IL   •   St. Louis, MO   •    Worldwide
 (618) 604-0824